St Francis Theological College


St Francis Theological College in Brisbane offers high quality theological education from Certificate and Diploma entry level studies through to DMin & PhD programs. SFC provides academic courses in Bible, Church History, Practical Theology, and Systematic Theology as a member of the CSU School of Theology. These programs contribute to ministry training as well as personal and spiritual formation.

You may also audit a class at SFC. Auditing allows you to attend a class without submitting any assessment tasks or receiving academic credit. It is perfect if you wish to study for your personal development and do not wish to gain formal recognition. You can audit individual subjects that may be relevant to your ministry area. Auditing individual subjects can also help you decide whether further theological education is for you.

Subjects available in First Semester 2015 include:
NT Greek 1, Biblical Hebrew 1, Intro to OT Studies, Intro to Christian Theology, Liturgical Theology, the Rise of Christianity to 600 CE, Prophetic Literature, The Triune God, Youth Culture and Mission, Truth & Knowing in Theology, Religious and Values Education subjects – Australian & Global Contexts, Teaching the Bible, Teaching Philosophy of Religion Reflective Practice, Philosophical & Ethical Enquiry, Homiletics, and the International Study Program –Israel study tour.

Subjects available in Second Semester 2015 include:
Biblical Languages, European Reformations, Biblical Hebrew 2, Intro to NT Studies, Being the Church, Practical Theology, Jesus the Christ, Johannine Literature, Theological Ethics, Anglican Foundations, Ministry Across the Lifespan, Christian Education, and Religious and Values Education subjects – Aust & Global Contexts, Reaching Religious Ethics, Teaching Religions of the World, Reflective Practice, Media, Popular Culture, the Arts.

The Rev’d Dr Steven Ogden (Principal)
The Rev’d Dr Greg Jenks (Academic Dean)

Candidates who have been selected for training for the ordained ministry as either deacons or priests participate in the Ordained Ministry Formation Program, normally of three years duration. The program has the following components: The Academic Program which includes the Bachelor of Theology, the Formation Intensives Program - a three year program cycle which includes development of the candidate’s self-awareness, as a person with particular leadership and care styles, as well as development of the candidate’s spiritual life. The program also includes development of those skills which a candidate will need at ordination to the diaconate – professional conduct, liturgical skills, preaching, and Supervised Theological Field Education in a parish or other agency (school, hospital, etc.).

Lay Education - Jonathan Sargeant heads up strategies for lay education from St Francis Theological College. Those strategies include an array of programs, approaches, ideas and advocacy designed to assist parishes with faith education and faith formation. For instance the ever-popular BIBLE360: an Introduction to the Bible is a day program developed by Greg Jenks and Adam Lowe and now delivered by Jonathan. Promoting and training leaders for Pilgrim: a course for the Christian journey also falls in this area. Curation of the Formed Faith website ( is another strategy which shares resources, websites and hopeful ideas around the diocese and beyond. Assisting with promotion of Education for Ministry (EfM) and the Certificate for Theology and Ministry fall under the lay education banner too. Contact Jonathan Sargeant Youth Family Children’s Ministry - The YCF team at the MEC equips, encourages, and supports people who share the challenges of working with children and young people. We encourage links between youth/children’s ministers across the Diocese by providing opportunities for discussion and cooperation. The Ministry Education Commission also supports and resources Religious Education and Chaplaincy in Schools. Contact Jonathan Kemp or

The Roscoe Library at St Francis Theological College in Milton was initially set up to provide resources for students and staff of the College and Diocesan clergy. Today its clientele also includes those seeking nourishment for their spiritual journeys, as well as people involved in liturgical preparation, EfM, youth work, chaplaincy, RE teaching, children’s ministry, and the MEC Spiritual Direction Training Program. Those actively involved in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane are welcome to free membership of the Roscoe Library. Contact Eve James (Librarian)

College Logo and Motto
“Collaborontes Fidei Evangelii” - Striving together for the faith of the Gospel.